The Miss Behind Teaching With Class

Hey guys, I'm Courtney- the Miss behind Teaching With Class. I'm a 25 year old teacher living in Northeast Missouri. I graduated college in 2011 from the University of Missouri-Columbia (MIZZOU-RAH, MIZZOU-RAH). I'm also a 2014 graduate of William Wood's University and I have my Master's degree in Elementary Administration. My goal is to serve as an elementary school principal (sometime in the next 10 years)
Right now I just finishing up my third year of teaching and I love it. I taught 3rd grade for two years in Bowling Green R-1 School district and absolutely adored everything about it. I finally decided to move back to my hometown to teach..home of Mark Twain! I teach 5th grade in a extremely low income area and find it very rewarding. I recently found out I'm moving grade again, this time to 2nd for fall of 2014. My school is about two blocks away from the Mississippi river and located right downtown near the historical district. 

When I am not teaching you can usually find me running around at my boyfriend's farm, floating down a river, shopping, talking(A LOT) or reading other blogs! I'm a country bumpkin at heart but I love to get away to St. Louis whenever I can for a shopping trip! I'm a cross-fit junky and love to run.

My boyfriend trains field trial competition dogs for a living. I've always been an animal lover. You can usually find me with at least 15 dogs running around!

I love to travel, pin, cook dinner, and hang out with my cute little pig-Gert!
Welcome to Teaching With Class: my teaching successes,struggles, and finds!


Christina S said...

Nice to meet you!
I am studying to be a teacher!
I just came across your blog!! Excited to now be following!!

I look forward to keeping up!!


Courtney @ said...

Thanks Christina! Good luck!

Zhevonne said...

Reading about other teacher's blog is exciting! Im a 3rd grade teacher and what can i say - i love running around chasing my little kids!

Keep Posting!